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We Have Too Many Wizards! SPANISH Wizards! We pass the Wizard Savings on to you!



Introducing the Wake The Wizard Game! (Spanish Edition)

This clear sphere (6" diameter), resting on a black base, contains a Wizard in full costume who is holding a miniature crystal ball in his outstrectched hand. You ask the Wizard any question that can be answered "yes" or "no" and pass your hand over the crystal ball. A musical sound is heard and the Wizards eyes light up. You have just "awakened" the Wizard!

Pass your hand over the ball a second time... the crystal ball in the Wizards hand emits a red light and the Wizard answers your question in a mysterious voice. He has many (over 40) very entertaining answers plus sound effects.

A game is also included (uses included cards and a special astrological die.) Players are prompted to ask questions on topics such as romance, travel, fantasy, and a variety of other life related catagories. Enjoy hours of fun and laughs.



Wake The Wizard Spanish Edition
Is Perfect For...

Complete Strangers!
Language Students!
Jim Boonie!
Tall Shelves!
Friendly Chefs!
Low Shelves!
Birthday and Wedding Favors!
Business Gatherings!
Meet and Greets!
Meat and Greets!
Wizard Baseball! (once)



Each Wizard only $10 plus Shipping! (working on std. shipping costs) Send us an email for more info.
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